Discovering Freedom through Nature

After a decade of teaching children, I embraced motherhood in December 2011 when our first child, came into our lives. As our son grew, so did his curiosity and energy. Our small house became a hub of activity, with family members often finding themselves in close quarters.

As our son's curiosity expanded, so did his desire for exploration. The world outside our door beckoned to him – a bustling highway just beyond the building, a constant stream of vehicles providing both excitement and danger. Taking him out became a task that required unwavering vigilance.

Trust was hard to come by, even among well-meaning family or neighbours. My husband and I became the sole guardians of his outdoor escapades. Every trip outside felt like a battle, a constant struggle to keep pace with a child who wanted nothing more than to run free. Navigating the streets with my child by my side, I found myself urging motorists to slow down, fiercely guarding our passage and defending my son's right to explore.

Faced with the challenges of limited space and the constant need for vigilance, I found solace and inspiration in nature. Drawing from my own upbringing, where my nature-loving parents instilled a sense of wonder and exploration in me, I began to introduce my son to the beauty and tranquillity of the natural world. Museums, nature walks, tree appreciation outings, beach trips, and visits to bookstores became our shared experiences, allowing us to bond in the midst of the chaos that city life sometimes brought. What became evident was the transformative impact of nature on both my son and me. Each excursion into the outdoors brought a sense of delight and calmness, especially in natural environments. Unlike the constant barrage of "Don't run," "No," and "Stop right there" that urban life often demands, the serene surroundings of nature required no such admonishments. Here, we could enjoy the soothing sounds of the environment without the need for constant verbal interventions. We bonded better. We respected our freedom of movement, of space, of just allowing another human to be…


As parents, we have the power to shape our children's perspectives on freedom by exposing them to the wonders of the natural world.



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