Bits to Bobs - Upcycled Products

Bits to Bobs - Upcycled Products

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
And hence when our products were ready we decided to welcome with open arms the shreds, snippets, fragments and tatters that were the remains of our finished products. If you have ever witnessed the remains on the banks of a river flowing through a wild forest you will agree that they are as beautiful as the river itself.

Moving towards being more sustainable , aware and conscious we decided to reprocess, regenerate and refurbish these small pieces of scrap and spruce then into a range of finished products.

Instead of filling the already crammed landfills, we decided to find a place for these remains in our wild hearts and savage souls.

Since we are also raising a community that can flourish along side us , through friends and acquaintances we connected with @T.H.O.T.P.O.T , that helped us to transform these odds and ends to purposeful handcrafted possessions.

Our dolls are handmade by artisans of The Good Gift from the  Nilgiris.