Flower Child

Flower Child

A flower child I am, so free and wild 
With flowers behind my ear, my heart beguiled
They bloom around me, in colors so bright
Bringing joy and beauty, like a magical sight

Flowers grace my home on special occasions 
Their vibrant presence, a decor for celebrations
Foraged in every season, their essence I adore
Even when not in bloom, my spirit they restore

Frangipanis are my favorite in the summer sun
Their sweet scent and petals, a true love I've won
Bougainvilleas in winter, their vibrant hues unfold 
Their fiery blooms bring warmth in the cold

 In the monsoon, flowers may be few and far between 
But on lucky days, alamandas fall, a golden sheen 
Their radiant yellow, a symbol of luck and cheer 
A sign that nature's beauty is always near 

They bring me happiness, fill my heart with love 
Their delicate fragrance, like a gift from above 
A tree adorned with bougainvilleas, a show for you to see
A shrub of raat rani, a sweet surprise just for thee 

My children, they know the way to my heart 
Picking fallen flowers, a good start 
A gesture so simple, yet filled with love and care 
As a flower child, their affection I share 

So I'll continue to dance among the blooms so fair 
A flower child, with flowers in my hair 
In every season, their beauty I'll embrace 
For flowers bring joy and love, in every place
~Hetal Dedhia
Founder, The Forest Child