Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest

There is a forest within each child.
Sometimes we see their dark and gloomy side and at times the lush, lively and the colourful moods.

Just like the forest trees some are firmly rooted to the ground and some spread their branches to touch the sky.
Just like the forest our children withstand all weathers through their phases and stand tall .

They have varied emotions just like the forest leaves change their colours in autumn, spring, summer and winter.
They are as warm as the rays of the sun that penetrate through dense forests.

And just like the forest they look so peaceful and serene when they rest.
Just like the forest they are interdependent yet independent of their environment and relationships.

Sometimes they fly, crawl, walk, run and even trip.
Each time they get up stronger, seize the day and make it their own.

Freedom is a very relative term.
Each child is different whether they symbolise a tree, shrub or a fern.

May the forest within them live and thrive.
On this children's day we only wish that their own path they steer and drive.
And just like the mesmerizing sounds of the forest, each day dance and jive.